Ecumenica 3.2

Fall 2010 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Incorporation of the Incar(nation): Dorothy L. Sayers’s The Man Born to be King Bethany Wood Abstract:This article examines Dorothy L. Sayers’s World War II radio drama The Man Born to be King (1941), broadcast by the BBC, which contained the first explicit representation of Christ in a modern […]

Ecumenica 3.1

Spring 2010 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Romanization, Rebellion, and the Theatre of Ancient Palestine Miriam Kammer Abstract: Because so little is known about theatre in ancient Palestine, the subject offers scholars an attractive enigma. On the one hand, Roman theatres—along with aqueducts and the control and use of local building resources by […]

Ecumenica 2.2

Fall 2009 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark  Editorial: The “Don’t” Factor: Faith and Repressive Sexual Ethics  John Fletcher, Guest Editor Highlight: Love in the Time of Derrida Henry Bial Feature: Demanding the Divine: Terrence McNally’s Gay Passion Play CORPUS CHRISTI Thomas Fish Feature: Goddess-Men: Nationalism, Brahminism and Female Impersonation in Indian Religious Theatre Patrick Murphree This article […]

Ecumenica 2.1

Spring 2009 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: A Playwright of Pragmatism: Susan Glaspell’s Unity of Science and Religion Michael Winetsky This article argues that a common theme unites Susan Glaspell’s plays Inheritors and The Verge. In Inheritors Glaspell addresses the significant spiritual challenge of Darwinian evolution, suggesting that theories of evolution contain a seed of aspiration that […]

Ecumenica 1.2

Performing Islam/Muslim Realities” Fall 2008 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Editorial: Against Cropped Truths Marvin Carlson & Hazem Azmy Feature: Global Consciousness and Cosmopolitanism in Lina Saneh’s Appendice Eyad Houssami Abstract: Lina Saneh, a theatre and performance artist based in Beirut, reflects in her playAppendice on the relationship between the citizen’s body and the body politic. In […]

BJTP 4.2

Fall 2007 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Editorial:Theatre as a Way of Knowing in the Christian Academy–Four Perspectives Feature: God’s Image Carved in Ebony: Race, Religion, and Performance Amanda Kemp and M. Alison Kibler Feature: Traces of Hope: Orality, Literacy, and the Preservation of History through Memory in the Dance DramaRabinal Achi Daniel Breining Feature: Missionaries, […]

BJTP 4.1

Nations Speaking-Indigenous Performances Across the Americas Spring 2007 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Broadway (Un)Bound: Lynn Riggs’s The Cherokee Night Jaye Darby Feature: Traces of Hope: Native Authorship in the Missionary Theatre of New Spain George Panaghi Feature: Dancers from Beginning to End: Native-Based Modern Dance and the Storytelling Dance-Drama of Daystar/Rosalie Jones Julie Pearson-Little Thunder […]

BJTP 3.2

Between the Sacred and Profane: Medieval and Renaissance Performance Fall 2006 Letter From the Editor Editorial: Reclaiming the “Sacred” from the “Profane” K. Sarah-Jane Murray & Sinda K. Vanderpool Feature: “I Was Never Bard ‘Ere”: Creation and Charity in the Wakefield Play of Noah Veronica Alfano Abstract: Given the didactic aims of many medieval plays, it is somewhat surprising […]

BJTP 3.1

Harmonies of the Soul Spring 2006 Letter from the Editor Editorial: Purpose and Parody in “Religious” Musical Theatre Judith Sebesta Feature: Urinetown, September 11, and the Carnivalesque Erica Milkovich Abstract: Taking into account the medieval carnivalesque structure and lower-body humor present in Urinetown, this article argues that the musical’s popularity during the post-September 11 Broadway season can be attributed […]