Ecumenica began life as the Baylor Journal of Theatre and Performance. Started in 2003, the journal exists to foster rigorous conversation about the intersections between religion/spirituality and theatrical performance. As questions about belief, praxis, and polity become more important in understanding events on the world stage, the fields of theatre and performance studies need venues to explore how the spiritual life affects art and vice versa.

Founded at a Baptist university by Christian scholars who were committed to wide-ranging ecumenical discussion about art and life, Ecumenica exists to bring artists and academics from across (and from outside of) various faith traditions into dialogue with one another.

Ecumenica publishes two issues per year, in the spring and fall. While many are open topic volumes, we also regularly sponsor special issues on a variety of subjects. We accept submissions on any subject related broadly to spirituality and faith as depicted on stage; religious practices as performance; the role of belief in creating or watching performance; ethics and morality in plays and other performances; the role of culture in creating belief-centered performances and vice versa; the religious/spiritual life of theatre practitioners; historical or contemporary practices–in short, our curiosity is boundless and we are open to a variety of approaches. We seek to content that represents the diversity of thought and practice in our field; contributions tend to fall under the following categories

FEATURE ARTICLES: Academic analysis of material, using field standard research practices and methodologies. Usually 20-30 pages in length (3000-5000 words)

BOOK & PERFORMANCE REVIEWS: A list of current titles available for review can be found on the CFP page. Books on any topic related to religion/spirituality/ethics/morality and theatre/performativity are acceptable. Interested authors can also contact our Reviews Editor to recommend titles for consideration. Any and all public productions related to the same topics can be proposed for consideration. (1000 words)

EDITORIALS: Short essays offering an informed opinion on topics of interest. Typically, an invited contribution from a researcher or practitioner with an established reputation. Occasionally, we will place standard submissions in this section (1500-2500 words)

INTERVIEWS: Conversations with actors, directors, playwrights, scholars, historians, theorists–anyone whose work is connected to the journal’s interests and appealing to our readership. We occasionally solicit interviews, and will accept them as standard submissions. (No standard word count)

PROFILES: Concise, pithy introductions to individuals, groups, or works connected to the journal’s interests and the concerns of our readers. Their purpose is to increase public awareness of worthwhile performers or resources. In the past, this has included individual writers and performers, troupes, libraries, archives, and collections. Pieces may be submitted by third parties or (occasionally) by the subjects themselves. These are academic summaries, not press releases or advertisements. (1500-3000).

SCRIPTS/EXCERPTS: Very occasionally, the journal publishes scripts or script excerpts from plays related to the journal’s interests. This has included adaptations of classic plays, work by emerging playwrights, and excerpts from established artists. Generally, these are solicited from pre-selected authors in connection with special subject volumes While Ecumenica will occasionally examine unsolicited manuscripts, we cannot publish full-length plays. Please be aware that space for scripts is considered after the rest of a given issue’s content is determined, and many issues will not feature play script content. (20 pages or less)