BJTP 2.2

Comedy and the Spirit Fall 2005 Letter To The Editor Editorial: The Spirit of Comedy Gary Maciag Abstract: It might seem odd at first to consider the comic and the spirit having any relationship at all in an era when religion and its practices have become deadly serious. Still, luckily, laughter has not been banished from our […]

BJTP 2.1

Faith, Violence, and Performance Fall 2005 Letter From The Editor Editorial: Holy War Theatres Mark Pizzato  Abstract:“Every since 9/11…” This notion has come to dominate or current consciousness. Perhaps future historians will call this period not to the postmodern or postmodern, but the “millennial period.” This editorial considers the performative dimensions of war as well as […]


Inaugural Issue Fall 2004 Editorial: Faith and Performance: The World’s Oldest Couple Marvin Carlson Abstract: Viewing theatre and religion as a couple involved in one of the world’s most lasting relationships serves to remind us not only of the depth and richness of this relationship but also its history of complex negotiations as the two partners have […]