Frequently Asked Questions

Who publishes Ecumenica?
Penn State University Press.

How often does Ecumenica publish volumes?
Twice per year, with a Spring and a Fall issue.

Is the journal peer reviewed?
Yes. The list of our peer review board members can be found here.

Does the journal offer examination copies?
Not generally. We publish a only small print run of each volume, in keeping with budgetary allowances.

How do I subscribe to the journal?

How can I submit my work to the journal?
Submission information is here.

Can I submit my work to your journal and send it to other journals for their consideration at the same time?
No. Simultaneous submissions can cause serious difficulties for publication calendars.

What style manual does Ecumenica use?
Our style manual is based on the most recent Chicago Manual of Style.

How long will it take before a decision is made?
Most submissions are evaluated and a decision made within 4-6 months of receipt. We certainly try to evaluate submissions more quickly. Occasionally, the process can take longer if a submission is difficult to match with reviewers or if another delay occurs. If more than 6 months has passed since your submission, you may contact the appropriate editor for an update.

Does Ecumenica offer royalties for published essays?
No, as with most academic journals, we offer no financial compensation to authors.

Does Ecumenica pay for the use of copyrighted material such as photographs or other visual content?
No. Authors are responsible for acquiring permissions for all protected material, and for the costs associated with reuse.

Once I have published my work with Ecumenica can I reprint it elsewhere?
Probably. Please inquire with the editor: editor <at> ecumenicajournal <dot> org