BJTP 4.1


Nations Speaking-Indigenous Performances Across the Americas

Spring 2007

Letter from the Editor
Carolyn D. Roark

Feature: Broadway (Un)Bound: Lynn Riggs’s The Cherokee Night
Jaye Darby

Feature: Traces of Hope: Native Authorship in the Missionary Theatre of New Spain
George Panaghi

Feature: Dancers from Beginning to End: Native-Based Modern Dance and the Storytelling Dance-Drama of Daystar/Rosalie Jones
Julie Pearson-Little Thunder

Feature: Caracol: Transcontinental Substantiations in the Recent Work of Coatlicue Theatre Company
Tamara Underiner

Highlight: Exerpt of Fanny & Belle
Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Highlight: The Reason for Crows
Diane Glancy

Highlight: Interview with JudyLee Oliva
Christy Stanlake

Highlight: Interview with Rochelle Warner and Bonita Cleveland
Vessela S. Warner

Profile: Theatre at the National Museum of the American Indian
Vincent P. Scott

Profile: DeLanna Studi
Christy Stanlake

Profile: Marie Clements
Reid Gilbert

Book & Performance Reviews:

  • Thomas E. Davis-Staging Coyote’s Dream , Monica Mojica and Ric Knowles, Eds.
  • Lisa Bernd-Two Plays by Darrell Dennis and Wawatayby Penny Gummerson
  • Ramon H. Rivera-Servera-The Mummified Deer and Other Plays by Luis Valdez
  • Stephanie Lein Walseth-The Conversion of Ka’ahumanu at Miami University
  • Yuko Kurahashi-Native Voices: Secret History at Lied Center of Kansas
  • Katy Young-Persistence of Memory at Miami University
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