Special Features

Performance Note: Missa Leiga

Reginaldo Nascimento Teatro Escola Macunaíma, São Paulo, Brazil Our performance of Chico de Assis’s play Missa Leiga at the Teatro Escola Macunaima in São Paulo, Brazil was the result of a collaborative process with students in the school’s actor training program. The work resulted in a spectacle that scrutinized all forms of religion and protest,

Interview with John Collins of Elevator Repair Service

JOHN COLLINS Artistic Director Elevator Repair Service March 11, 2016 Staging The Great Gatsby. Not adapting the story for the stage, but staging the text—the whole, verbatim, word-for-word thing. Elevator Repair Service’s brazen experiments with great-American-novels reached a rather triumphant mark when the eight-hour Gatz finally played—to heaps of praise—at the Public Theatre in New

Robert Askins Interview (video)

Interviewed and Filmed by Michael J. Meindl Interview Conducted on May 28, 2014. This interview spans a number of topics, including Robert’s experience with the Church and various religious figures, which forms the basis of a lot of what gets explored in Hand to God, the development history of the play, and his thoughts on puppetry.

Interview with Kimball Allen

by Heather Beasley Kimball Allen’s theatrical work to date is a mix of deeply personal confession and performance art. When mistakes on his career path landed him in prison, he began keeping a journal as part of his self-rehabilitation. Although his formal education had not exposed him previously to performance studies or theatre history, he

Interview with Ann Magnuson

by W.C. Meier In this interview, conducted 13 June 2012, Dr. Wendy Clupper Meier talks with NYC East Village 80s icon, cult movie darling, performance artist, and chanteuse Ann Magnuson about her career, artistic inspirations, and growing up in a Christian church in West Virginia. Arguably, Magnuson’s work has been largely neglected in theatre scholarship because

Interview with Sunil Pokharel

Questioning Caste: Performance, Parody, and the Political Economy of a Hindu State by Mark West   During a recent talk in his of?ce at the Gurukul School of Theatre, a rustic performing arts center on a wooded hilltop overlooking Kathmandu, Sunil Pokharel’s words mixed with the morning calls of crows just outside his window. Normally