Ecumenica 8.2

Fall 2015 Letter from the Editor Carolyn Roark Editorial: Forecasting the Future of Religion & Performance David Mason A Burning Vision of Decolonization: Marie Clements, Ecological Drama, and Indigenous Theatrical Praxis Courtney Elkin Mohler Henry Alcott’s Sensual Spirits: The American Indian as Spiritualist Spectacle Robert C. Thompson Profile: Contemporary Mormon Drama Megan Sanborn Jones Callie

Ecumenica 8.1

Spring 2015 Letter from the Editor Carolyn Roark “As If There Were No Damages”: Representing Native American Spirituality in the Dramas of Lope de Vega and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Miriam Hahn Performances of Challenge: Catholic Pilgrims Engage with the Archive and the Repertoire Vanessa Baker “Unhoused, Disappointed, Unaneled”: Catholicism, Transubstantiation, and Hamlet

Ecumenica 7.1 & 7.2

Critical Terms in Religion, Spirituality, Performance Fall 2014 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Ceremony Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe Communion Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr Eschatology Jill Stevenson Holy George Drance, SJ Incarnation John Patrick Shanley Invocation Edmund B. Lingan Liminality Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen & Joshua Edelman Liturgy Claire Maria Chambers Medium Alvin Lim Pageant John Bell Performance

Ecumenica 6.2

Fall 2013 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Hamlet on Alcatraz, a Journey into the Power of Sacred Space Rand Harmon Highlight: Six Characters of 9/11: A Chance Encounter with Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author Mahmood Karimi-Hakak Highlight: Interview with Kimball Allen Heather Beasley Profile: “The Trial of Jesus” and Jesus

Ecumenica 6.1

General Issue Spring 2013 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: “Can a fellow be a villain all his life?”: Fagin, Jewishness, and Musical Performance Marc Napolitano Feature: PsyBabas: Ritual Exoticism and Spiritual Labor in Subcultural Tourism Pavithra Prasad Highlight: The Joy of Doubt David Henry Hwang Profile: Theatre Without Borders Jacob Hellman Profile: Musekeweya,

Ecumenica 5.2

Faith, Politics, and Performance Fall 2012 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Editorial: The Problem of Religion and Theatre (It’s Not What You Think) Peter Civetta, Guest Editor Feature: “Holier than Thou:” Religion as Teaching Tool in the Rhetoric of Secularism, and the Case of Osama bin Laden’s Burial at Sea Claire Maria Chambers Feature: Fully Jewish

Ecumenica 5.1

Spring 2012 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Trans(Per)forming Abjection: St. Simeon Stylites William Conte Feature: “To Inflict Impossible Pain”: the Binding of Isaac, Divinity, and Kierkegaard in Howard Barker’s Rome John H. Baker Highlight: Interview with Scott Langdon W. Barrett HuddlestonHighlight: Interview with Hal Holbrook William SteeleProfile: Who’s Hungry Santa Monica Susan Simpson Profile: Religion and Performance

Ecumenica 4.2

Fall 2011 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Teatro la Fragua and the Legacy of Jesuit Theatre Stefano Muneroni Feature: Salesian Theatre for Young Women in Post-World War II Italy Daniela Cavallaro Highlight: Interview with Reverend Billy and Savitri D. Dan Venning Highlight: Memory Daniella Vinitski Profile: Performance and Religion Working Group, International Federation for

Ecumenica 4.1

Great Stage of the World, Roman Catholic Life and Performance Spring 2011 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Editorial: The Church, The “Anti-Church,” and Singing, Dancing Nuns Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr., Guest Editor Feature: A Public of One: Jesuit Discipline in the Theatre in the World Will Daddario Abstract: This essay aims to see through the

Ecumenica 3.2

Fall 2010 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Incorporation of the Incar(nation): Dorothy L. Sayers’s The Man Born to be King Bethany Wood Abstract:This article examines Dorothy L. Sayers’s World War II radio drama The Man Born to be King (1941), broadcast by the BBC, which contained the first explicit representation of Christ in a modern