Ecumenica 6.2

6.2 CoverFall 2013

Letter from the Editor
Carolyn D. Roark

Feature: Hamlet on Alcatraz, a Journey into the Power of Sacred Space
Rand Harmon

Highlight: Six Characters of 9/11: A Chance Encounter with Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author
Mahmood Karimi-Hakak

Highlight: Interview with Kimball Allen
Heather Beasley

Profile: “The Trial of Jesus” and Jesus on Death Row
Joanne Zerdy

Feature: The Intercultural Dramaturg-Director: Folkloric and Religious Intersections in Sophocles’ Antigones
Vessela Warner

Feature: Performing the Passion of Christ in Postmodernity:Re-Membering the Passion in the Pluralistic Age in Our Lady of 121st Street
Seokhun Choi

Book & Performance Reviews:

  • James M. Brandon
  • Martha Kalnin Diede
  • Mark Pizzato
  • Dave Peterson


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