Ecumenica 10.2

Fall 2017 Letter from the Editor David V. Mason “Sexual Perversity in a Feminist Bible Play: Florence Kiper Frank’s Jael” Kari-Anne Innes “An Anthropogenic Upheaval: Edward Bond’s Bingo, Shakespeare’s Enclosure, and Terrocentric Identity” Babak Ashrafkhani Limoudehi “The Holy Land Experience: ‘Step Right Up’ to Experience the Crucifixion” Aaron Brown “Sacred Spaces: Experiencing the Supernatural at Lourdes” Kristin

Ecumenica 10.1

Spring 2017 Letter from the Editor David V. Mason “The Many Afterlives of Matt Talbot: Contesting Irish Nationalism in Thomas Kilroy’s Talbot’s Box” Jeff Casey Interview: John Collins David V. Mason Play: The Child Who Didn’t Want to Be Born Diana Manole Book Reviews David K. Anderson. Martyrs and Players in Early Modern England: Tragedy, Religion, and

Ecumenica 9.1-2

Spring/Fall 2016 Letter from the Editor David V. Mason “A Rally Cry Unheard: Arthur Schnitzler and Political Drama” Weston Twardowski “Simon of Cyrene and Signifying Race in the Early 20th Century African-American Theatre” Craig Prentiss INTERVIEW: Jay Wegman David V. Mason PROFILE: London’s Intermission Youth Theatre: Re-Imagining Shakespeare and Spirituality Les Wade Book Reviews Birgit

Ecumenica 8.2

Fall 2015 Letter from the Editor Carolyn Roark Editorial: Forecasting the Future of Religion & Performance David Mason A Burning Vision of Decolonization: Marie Clements, Ecological Drama, and Indigenous Theatrical Praxis Courtney Elkin Mohler Henry Alcott’s Sensual Spirits: The American Indian as Spiritualist Spectacle Robert C. Thompson Profile: Contemporary Mormon Drama Megan Sanborn Jones Callie

Ecumenica 8.1

Spring 2015 Letter from the Editor Carolyn Roark “As If There Were No Damages”: Representing Native American Spirituality in the Dramas of Lope de Vega and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Miriam Hahn Performances of Challenge: Catholic Pilgrims Engage with the Archive and the Repertoire Vanessa Baker “Unhoused, Disappointed, Unaneled”: Catholicism, Transubstantiation, and Hamlet

Ecumenica 7.1 & 7.2

Critical Terms in Religion, Spirituality, Performance Fall 2014 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Ceremony Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe Communion Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr Eschatology Jill Stevenson Holy George Drance, SJ Incarnation John Patrick Shanley Invocation Edmund B. Lingan Liminality Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen & Joshua Edelman Liturgy Claire Maria Chambers Medium Alvin Lim Pageant John Bell Performance

Ecumenica 6.2

Fall 2013 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Hamlet on Alcatraz, a Journey into the Power of Sacred Space Rand Harmon Highlight: Six Characters of 9/11: A Chance Encounter with Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author Mahmood Karimi-Hakak Highlight: Interview with Kimball Allen Heather Beasley Profile: “The Trial of Jesus” and Jesus

Ecumenica 6.1

General Issue Spring 2013 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: “Can a fellow be a villain all his life?”: Fagin, Jewishness, and Musical Performance Marc Napolitano Feature: PsyBabas: Ritual Exoticism and Spiritual Labor in Subcultural Tourism Pavithra Prasad Highlight: The Joy of Doubt David Henry Hwang Profile: Theatre Without Borders Jacob Hellman Profile: Musekeweya,

Ecumenica 5.2

Faith, Politics, and Performance Fall 2012 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Editorial: The Problem of Religion and Theatre (It’s Not What You Think) Peter Civetta, Guest Editor Feature: “Holier than Thou:” Religion as Teaching Tool in the Rhetoric of Secularism, and the Case of Osama bin Laden’s Burial at Sea Claire Maria Chambers Feature: Fully Jewish

Ecumenica 5.1

Spring 2012 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: Trans(Per)forming Abjection: St. Simeon Stylites William Conte Feature: “To Inflict Impossible Pain”: the Binding of Isaac, Divinity, and Kierkegaard in Howard Barker’s Rome John H. Baker Highlight: Interview with Scott Langdon W. Barrett HuddlestonHighlight: Interview with Hal Holbrook William SteeleProfile: Who’s Hungry Santa Monica Susan Simpson Profile: Religion and Performance