Ecumenica 16.1

ESSAYS “The Human Quest for Meaning: Theatre as a Vehicle for Dialogue”TYRONE GRIMA and CHRISTIAN COLOMBO “What Happens When We Don’t Listen to Birds: Augury in Ancient Greek Drama”HEATHER KELLEY REPORT “Unmasterful Spirituality: Challenging Ancestor Worship”KRISTÝNA ILEK INTERVIEW “The Ramlila of Kheriya: A Conversation with Molly Kaushal”MOLLY KAUSHAL and DAVID MASON PERFORMANCE REVIEW The Long

Ecumenica 15.2

ESSAYS “Cho Ramasamy’s Cāttiram Coṉṉatillai (The Scriptures Don’t Say So)“, part twoKRISTEN RUDISILL “The Three Centers: A Framework for Inclusivity in the Acting Classroom”ABIGAIL KILLEEN “Zero Zone Praxis as Conscious Creative Cultivation”TAMUR TOHVER PERFORMANCE REVIEWS Breaking Up With JesusReviewed by ELAINE SCHNABEL ReverieReviewed by BESS ROWEN The Thin PlaceReviewed by LIZ FAIRCHILD BOOK REVIEWS Antonin

Ecumenica 15.1

PLAY TRANSLATIONCho Ramasamy’s Cāttiram Coṉṉatilai (The Scriptures Don’t Say So)KRISTEN RUDISILL ESSAYS“Cerita on Calonarang Dance Drama”KATHY FOLEY AND I NYOMAN SEDANA “Balinese Calonarang in Performance”I NYOMAN CERITA AND KATHY FOLEY INTERVIEW“Ta’ziyeh Close-Up: A Conversation with Moslem Nadalizadeh”BABAK RAHIMI PERFORMANCE REVIEWSLa PastorelaReviewed by JAVIER LUIS HURTADO The Last Christmas (La Última Navidad)Reviewed by ALIZA MORAN BOOK

Ecumenica 14.2

ESSAYS “Intimations of the Loka in Adhyatmararamayanam Kilipattu.” Malini Murali “Vessel, Messiah, Warrior: Donald Trump in Evangelical Christian Narratives.” Hank Willenbrink INTERVIEW “Shifting the Terms of the Encounter: A Conversation with Playwright Nia Witherspoon about Messiah.” T. Chester PERFORMANCE REVIEWS “Toko Atolia: An Interlude by Bernice Mawutornyo.” Edudzi David Sallah “Sloppy Bonnie: A Roadkill Musical

Ecumenica 14.1

Co-Edited by Silvia Battista Liverpool Hope University ESSAY “Performing Blackness under Roman Occupation: Embodied Resistance and the Empire (A Thinking Essay)” Christopher-Rasheem McMillan IFTR CONFERENCE ESSAYS “‘Harmony in Diversity’: A Compartmentalist Approach to the Three Teachings in Mulianxi” Xiaohuan Zhao “Embodied Ecumenica; Eco-spirituality: Revised Christian Attitudes Toward the Creation” Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen IFTR RESEARCH/PRACTICE “A Journey

Ecumenica 13.2

The Issue in JSTOR “The Saddest Bubbles: Toward a Theory of Outrage” Lance Gharavi “Christianity on the Taiwanese Traditional Stage: Why ‘Hallelujah’?” Josh Stenberg “On the Stage, But Not of the Stage: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s The Christian Slave and the Advent of Evangelical Theatre in Antebellum America” Joseph R. D’Ambrosi BOOK REVIEWS Message from the

Ecumenica 13.1

The Issue in JSTOR “Queering Zion: Liberalism and Coalitional Care in Mormon Drama” Kristin Perkins “Human Sacrifice, Nuns, and Gender-Bent Kings: The Effect of Religious Change on Gender Presentation in Early Modern Adaptations of Iphegenia among the Taurians “The Liturgy That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Religious Engagement and Affective Memory as a Site of

Ecumenica 12.2

“From Religious Rituals to Popular Theatre: Evolution of the Mulian Legend” Shiao-Ling Yu PLAY Maryam: A Woman of Bethlehem (English and Arabic) Victoria Rue translated by Hind Abu Shkhadim REPORT Maryam: A Woman of Bethlehem Samer Makhlouf BOOK REVIEWS High Mas: Carnival and the Poetics of Caribbean Culture Reviewed by James Padilioni, Jr. Homo Ritualis:

Ecumenica 12.1

Letter from the Editor “The Social Drama of Durga Puja: Performing Bengali Identity in the Diaspora” Arnab Banerji “Act for Your Life: Widows in Vrindavan” Radhica Ganapathy “Advocating for the Rejuvenation of Jatra Performance” Jashodhara Sen INTERVIEW “Rituals and a Need for Forgiveness: An Interview with Rajiv Joseph” Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr. REPORT “Dance of

Ecumenica 11.2

Fall 2018 Letter from the Editors Claire Pamment and Hesam Sharifian guest editors “Black Table: Choreographic Interventions in Moroccan Contemporary Dance” Karima Borni “B for Badan, Blessed, and (B)othered: The Counter-Sacred in the Iranian Theatre of War” Marjan Moosavi “Darvag and the Theatre of Iranian Diaspora” Hamid Ehya “Phoenix Rising: The Conference of the Birds”