Ecumenica 10.2

Ecumenica 10.2
Ecumenica 10.2; Cover Photo by Julio Rua

Fall 2017

Letter from the Editor
David V. Mason

“Sexual Perversity in a Feminist Bible Play: Florence Kiper Frank’s Jael
Kari-Anne Innes

“An Anthropogenic Upheaval: Edward Bond’s Bingo, Shakespeare’s Enclosure, and Terrocentric Identity”
Babak Ashrafkhani Limoudehi

“The Holy Land Experience: ‘Step Right Up’ to Experience the Crucifixion”
Aaron Brown

“Sacred Spaces: Experiencing the Supernatural at Lourdes”
Kristin O’Malley

Performance Note: Missa Leiga
Reginaldo Nascimento

Book Reviews
Playing God: The Bible on the Broadway Stage
, reviewed by Joseph D’Ambrosi
Staging Faith: Religion and African American Theater from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II, reviewed by Andre Johnson
New York’s Yiddish Theater: From the Bowery to Broadway, reviewed by Kyra Smith

Performance Reviews
Panchajanya, reviewed by Arnab Banerji
National Puppetry Festival, reviewed by Adam Frank
Inherit the Wind, reviewed by Shelby-Allison Hibbs