Ecumenica 11.1

Ecumenica 11.1
Ecumenica 11.1; Photo by Larry Glawson

Letter from the Editor
David V. Mason

The Religion Virus: An Interview and Meta-Conversation
Michael Dudeck and David Mason

“The Spectacle of Unseeing: Creation from Nothing in Richard III
Jonathan Wanner

“Apocalypse How? The World’s End in Will Eno’s TRAGEDY: a tragedy
Dana Tanner-Kennedy

“Racine’s Ancients: Paradoxes of Adaptation in the Panegyric Tradition of French Neoclassicism”
Rachel M. E. Wolfe

“Hallelujah and Amen: Revival of the Color Purple as African-American Church”
Aaron Brown

Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium, reviewed by Donnalee Dox
Ritual, Performance and the Senses, reviewed by Eric Mayer-García
The Theatre of the Occult Revival, reviewed by Michael M. Chemers