Ecumenica 9.1-2

Ecumenica 9
Ecumenica 9.1-2

Spring/Fall 2016

Letter from the Editor
David V. Mason

“A Rally Cry Unheard: Arthur Schnitzler and Political Drama”
Weston Twardowski

“Simon of Cyrene and Signifying Race in the Early 20th Century African-American Theatre”
Craig Prentiss

David V. Mason

PROFILE: London’s Intermission Youth Theatre: Re-Imagining Shakespeare and Spirituality
Les Wade

Book Reviews
Birgit Däwes, ed. Indigenous North American Drama: A Multivocal History
Karin van Nieuwkerk, ed. Muslim Rap, Halal Soaps, and Revolutionary Theatre
Theresa May with Suzanne Burcell, Kathleen McCovey, and Jean O’Hara, eds. Salmon Is Everything: Community-Based Theatre in the Klamath Watershed

Performance Reviews
Faust I and II (Germany)
Jonah (USA)
Teesri Dhun (Pakistan)
Madjles-e-Zarbat Zadan (Iran)