Ecumenica 11.2

Ecumenica 11.2
Ecumenica 11.2; Photo by Jaouad El Hadine

Fall 2018

Letter from the Editors
Claire Pamment and Hesam Sharifian
guest editors

Black Table: Choreographic Interventions in Moroccan Contemporary Dance”
Karima Borni

“B for Badan, Blessed, and (B)othered: The Counter-Sacred in the Iranian Theatre of War”
Marjan Moosavi

“Darvag and the Theatre of Iranian Diaspora”
Hamid Ehya

“Phoenix Rising: The Conference of the Birds
Rachel Bowditch


“Religion and Representation in the ‘New Brown America’ of Muslim Comedy”
Jaclyn Michael

“The Annual Children’s Play at the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship”
Daniella Vinitsky Mooney

Islam and Popular Culture, reviewed by Edward Ziter
Arab American Drama, Film, and Performance, reviewed by Roaa Ali
The Encoded Cirebon Mask, reviewed by Juju Masunah