Ecumenica 14.1

Ecumenica 14.1
Ecumenica 14.1: Photo by √Āngeles Donoso Macaya

Co-Edited by Silvia Battista
Liverpool Hope University


“Performing Blackness under Roman Occupation: Embodied Resistance and the Empire (A Thinking Essay)”
Christopher-Rasheem McMillan


“‘Harmony in Diversity’: A Compartmentalist Approach to the Three Teachings in Mulianxi”
Xiaohuan Zhao

“Embodied Ecumenica; Eco-spirituality: Revised Christian Attitudes Toward the Creation”
Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen


“A Journey Through Ascentic Practices and Dance: Detachment from Objects in Seven Phases (A Photo Essay)”
Argyro Tsampazi

“The Invent Your Own Religion Workbook”
Michael Dudeck

“Sacred Sites and Secular Sounds”
Nidya Shanthini Manokara, Nora Samosir, and Lionel Wee


“Traces: Reflections on Practice and Pan(dem)ic in the First Wave”
Christopher Danowski

“Does Faith Dismiss Performance? Observations on the Cult of Muthappan in Northern Kerala”
Filipe Pereira

“Performing Islam on the International Pitch: Stretching Space and Turning Time in Men’s World Football”
Asif Majid

“Contemplation, Creativity, Compassion: Art for Social Change on Ignatian Lines”
Erik T. Ehn

“To Be on the High Wire Without a Safety Net: On Physical Actions as Prayer Between Beckett and Grotowski”
Ilaria Salonna

“Ritual, Community Preservation, and Environment in Theyyam Performance”
Sathyabhama Madathil


La Virgen Del Tepeyac: A New Radio Production. Adapted by Kinan Valdez and Christy Sandoval. Performed by El Teatro Campesino.
Javier Luis Hurtado

ABSCONDED #EjectionDay2020 by Dragonfly. Directed and performed by Dragonfly.
Laura Malaver


Co-Edited by Karen Jean Martinson
Arizona State University

The Only Way Home is Through the Show: Performance Work of Lois Weaver edited by Jen Harvie and Lois Weaver
Catherine Vrtis

Queer Communion: Ron Athey edited by Amelia Jones and Andy Campbell
Kelly I. Aliano

Performance/Media/Art/Culture: Selected Essays 1983-2018 by Jacki Apple, edited by Marina LaPalma
Daniel Bird Tobin

The Reverend Billy Project: From Rehearsal Hall to Super Mall with the Church of Life After Shopping edited by Alisa Soloman
Karen Jean Martinson