Ecumenica 14.2

Ecumenica 14.2 (Fall 2021)
Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar, co-creators of “Sloppy Bonnie: A Roadkill Musical for the Modern Chick.” Photo by Tiffany Bessire, courtesy of OZ Arts Nashville.


“Intimations of the Loka in Adhyatmaramayanam Kilipattu
Malini Murali

“Vessel, Messiah, Warrior: Donald Trump in Evangelical Christian Narratives”
Hank Willenbrink


“Shifting the Terms of the Encounter: A Conversation with Playwright Nia Witherspoon about¬†Messiah
T. Chester


Toko Atolia: An Interlude
Edudzi David Sallah

Sloppy Bonnie: A Roadhouse Musical for the Modern Chick
Lauren Shouse


Long Suffering: American Endurance Art as Prophetic Witness
Rhona Justice-Malloy

Staging Trauma: Bodies in Shadow
Kay Martinovich

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring: Staging Life and Death
Joya Scott

A Cruel Theatre of Self-Immolations: Contemporary Suicide Protests by Fire and Their Resonances in Culture
Susanne Shawyer

Performances of Suffering in Latin American Migration: Heroes, Martyrs and Saints
Tamara Underiner



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