Ecumenica 4.2

E 4.2 Cover

Fall 2011

Letter from the Editor
Carolyn D. Roark

Feature: Teatro la Fragua and the Legacy of Jesuit Theatre
Stefano Muneroni

Feature: Salesian Theatre for Young Women in Post-World War II Italy
Daniela Cavallaro

Highlight: Interview with Reverend Billy and Savitri D.
Dan Venning

Highlight: Memory
Daniella Vinitski

Profile: Performance and Religion Working Group, International Federation for Theatre Research
Joshua Edelman

Book & Performance Reviews:

  • Dierdre O’Leary—New Women Dramatists in America, 1890-1920, Sherry D. Engle
  • Darin Kerr—Oberammergau in the Nazi Era: The Fate of a Catholic Village in Hitler’s Germany, Helena Waddy
  • Catherine Vritis—Radical Tragedy: Religion, Ideology, and Power in the Drama of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, Jonathan Dollimore
  • Matthew Miller—Shakespeare and the Drama of Forgiveness, Sarah Beckwith
  • Fiona Coffey—Gruesome Playground Injuries, Second Stage Theatre, New York, NY/ Bengal Tiger at the Bagdhad Zoo, Richard Rogers Theatre, New York, NY
  • Megan Sanborn Jones—The Book of Mormon, Eugene O’Neill Theatre, New York, NY
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