Ecumenica: a Journal of Theatre and Performance invites the submission of scholarship related to the relationship between theatrical performance, religion, spirituality, and religious practice.

The journal holds terms such as theatre, performance, and religion to be broad, inclusive categories, and welcomes work that deals with dramatic literature, dance, film, performance art, ritual, pilgrimage, meditation, theology, and other related topics.

The journal does not limit its interests to any particular religious, cultural, or historical tradition, but seeks contributions that reveal performance and religion as phenomena that occur in a great variety of forms.

Ecumenica not only publishes scholarly essays, but also reviews of productions and performances, book reviews, reports on field work, comparative analyses, editorial essays and commentaries, and similar scholarly endeavors.  The journal welcomes submissions from established and emerging scholars, and from artists.

Ecumenica is a peer-reviewed, print journal, published twice annually.  It is indexed by the EBSCO, MLA, and ATLA databases, and will soon be indexed by ProQuest.

Submissions and inquiries can be sent to: