Interview with Ann Magnuson

by W.C. Meier In this interview, conducted 13 June 2012, Dr. Wendy Clupper Meier talks with NYC East Village 80s icon, cult movie darling, performance artist, and chanteuse Ann Magnuson about her career, artistic inspirations, and growing up in a Christian church in West Virginia. Arguably, Magnuson’s work has been largely neglected in theatre scholarship because […]

Ecumenica 6.1

General Issue Spring 2013 Letter from the Editor Carolyn D. Roark Feature: “Can a fellow be a villain all his life?”: Fagin, Jewishness, and Musical Performance Marc Napolitano Feature: PsyBabas: Ritual Exoticism and Spiritual Labor in Subcultural Tourism Pavithra Prasad Highlight: The Joy of Doubt David Henry Hwang Profile: Theatre Without Borders Jacob Hellman Profile: Musekeweya, […]